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Freeway Rick Ross: No longer the Face of a “Convict” but the face of two Million dollar Marijuana brands….




Freeway Rick Ross… No longer the Face of a “Convict” but the face of two Million dollar brands….

“I’m proud of the OG. He’s a legend out here. I’m glad to see he’s back on top because that’s where he belongs.” Producer D.Brooks Exclusive

One of the most well-respected names in the streets belongs to none other then Freeway Rick Ross… yes, Rick was the millionaire drug “KingPin” that was sentenced to life in prison but got his sentence overturned.

But, contrary to popular belief, Rick’s name isn’t buzzing right now because of just that. It’s buzzing because Freeway Rick Ross is the former drug “KingPin” that received his Marijuana License and is now taking over the marijuana industry.

“If you can run the streets, you can run an empire!” Freeway Rick Ross

On the top shelf of over twenty dispensaries, you can find one or more Freeway Brand Cannabis or LA KingPins products by the one and only Freeway Rick Ross. Each strain testing 25 percent or higher on the level of Potency.


Partnering with The Cure Company (One of Los Angeles’ biggest dispensaries) Freeway Rick Ross launched the Freeway Brand Cannabis mid-summer 2020 with placement in only one store. The accuracy of Rick’s brand combined with Rick’s name gave popularity to the brand and word of the product spread like wildfire to other dispensaries accumulating sales upon sales catching up to the sales of LA Kingpins.

LA KINGPINS was launched in May of 2019 and is Freeway Rick Ross’s signature brand. Offering flavors such as Jet Fuel, Tanjie Lord, Wedding Pie, and Prometheus LA Kingpins is considered an exotic strain of marijuana and stands out amongst other brands. LA Kingpins Gives a regal feel to the smokers with an imperial taste and the reassurance of quality.

Rick was recently featured on the television special “Smoke” on BET speaking on his knowledge of the industry and the success of his own cannabis brands. With what he has learned, Freeway Rick Ross has decided to extend the olive branch to others that want to try their hand in the Marijuana Industry.

“It’s enough money out here for us all. I just want to help my people get some!” Freeway Rick Ross




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