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How To Make Your Vape Coil Last Longer




How To Make Your Coil Last Longer?

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The difference between an expert vaper and a novice lies not just in techniques and choice of flavors, but also in the many ways they handle the vape devices. With time, vapers need to learn the intricate details of their device, what different problems with your vapor indicates, and the many tips and tricks to take good care of the device to elongate the lifetime and relish a pleasurable vaping experience.

For example, the hint of burnt taste or the lack of flavors in your vapor indicates that the vape coil has reached its lifetime. Honestly, it is a dreaded moment for every vape enthusiast. It means that the next few vapes are going to taste blank, and you have no choice but to replace the coils.

If you are worried about replacing your coil too often, then here are some simple tips that will guide you on the many ways to ensure your coil lasts longer and gives you a wonderful experience.

1. Create A Cleaning Routine

One of the most common problems leading to a reduced lifetime of vape coils is lack of cleaning. Vape devices accumulate gunk or sediments overtime. Based on the frequency of use, the need for cleaning might vary. But keeping a proper cleaning routine for the device is essential to make sure you get to enjoy the flavors of the e-juice.

Steps to clean your device

  • Remove the coil from the device.
  • Eliminate excess e-juice from the coil.
  • Rinse it under running hot water. It helps to remove any debris or residue from the partially heated e-juice that might be stuck to the surface.
  • Air-dry the coils and make sure to remove excess water between the wraps.
  • Replace the coils in the device and switch on the power button.
  • Double-check that the coil starts to get heated evenly.
  • Once you are sure the coil is heating up properly, refill the tank and enjoy vaping.

Follow this cleaning routine every few days. For frequent vapers, you might need to follow the ritual at least once a week to keep the coil clean. These simple cleaning steps can ensure your coil lasts longer than usual, as it helps to provide even heating that reduces damages to the part.

2. Don’t Forget To Break In New Coils.

Today`s vape devices are fairly simple to work with. If your coil is old or burned out, it is easy to replace it with a new one. But an important point to remember here is replacement coils also require some breaking in before it is ready to be vaped. Simple screwing in a new coil will reduce longevity and could also ruin the experience.

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  • Priming the coil before starting to vape is essential to prepare it for the process. Priming refers to saturating the wicking material in the vape juice. It reduces the chances of burning the wick and the coil. Place a few drops of juice through the holes of the vape body to saturate the wick after installing the new coil.
  • After filling the device with e-juice and installing the battery, take a few dry hits without clicking the fire button. It helps to create a path for the juice to reach the wick from the tank.
  • Coils go through wear and tear from expanding during heating and contracting during cooling. One of the best ways to avoid the intensity of wear and tear is to start vaping in lower wattage. Take short hits while working with a newly installed coil to give it some time to adjust to the heat settings. You can slowly increase the temperature range to reach your normal settings.

These simple break-in steps help to maintain the coil and ensure longevity.

3. Say No To Dry Hits

Burnt hits or dry hit refers to a vaping experience when there isn’t enough vape juice in the tank. The absence of juice to heat causes the wicking material to burn faster, thus ruining the coil as well.

  • Keeping proper levels of e-juice in the tank while vaping is very important to make sure there are no dry hits. Make sure the tank is at least half full to provide a proper link between the juice and the coil for the best experience.
  • Never use your coil without priming. Saturating the coil with vape juice before taking a hit, especially after installing a new one, helps to create a pathway from the tank to the coil. It reduces the risk of burning the wick.
  • Take a few seconds between the hits. Giving your coil a little time to cool down before heating up again improves the heating accuracy without leaving the device dry.
  • Avoid vaping at high wattages regularly. It helps to improve the longevity of the coils as the expansion and contraction are optimum.
  • Don’t over press the fire button. Use a puff to analyze the vapor and understand when and how long to fire the device. It helps to vaporize the liquid under optimum heat that protects the coil integrity.

4. Avoid Chain Vaping:

Chain vaping refers to continuous vaping with no breaks between the puffs. It could cause a lot of damage to your coil. The continuous stress on the coil from heating could be intense. Also, continuous vaping does not provide enough time for the wick to be saturated with e-juice, which increases the chances of burning.

Continuously vaping for a long period could lead to a diminished flavor in your vapor. At this point, it is best to pause for a while before putting your device to work again. Giving the coil enough time to soak in the juice can be helpful to increase the life of your coil.

5. Say No To Some E-juice:

Some e-juices contain constituents that can cause damage to your coil and reduce their lifetime. Vape juices high on VG or vegetable glycerin or those with excess sweeteners tend to be more viscous. This viscosity makes the priming more difficult as compared to other liquids. It also increases the sediment build up on the coil. Hence the chances of burning out the coil and wick are higher while using these liquids. Choose juices with less than 70% VG concentration for a wonderful experience without damaging the coils.


Stick to average wattage limits and temperature settings to prolong the lifetime of your coil. Take good care of your device to improve the health of your coil. Follow the simple steps from above that help to protect your coil from damage and increase its lifetime effectively.

Learn how to clean your vape coils below:

Here’s a video that show you how to clean your vape coils and how to make them last longer. Check it out below!

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