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Vapolution 3
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Pocket Vaporizer


Q: Is the Vapolution covered by a warranty?

The Vapolution 3.0 is covered by a lifetime limited warranty.  Manufacturing defects will be repaired free of charge for the first 6 months of ownership. After 6 months, all repairs are subject to a service fee that is determined by what parts need repair or replacement.  The Vapolution Vaporizer 2.0 is covered by a lifetime limited warranty. Manufacturing defects will be repaired free of charge for the first 90 days of ownership. After 90 days, all repairs are subject to a $ 39.99 service fee.

Q: How durable is the unit?

All Vapolution Vaporizers are built like a tank. Protect the glass heater liner for Vapolution 2 and your vaporizer will keep going, and going, and . . .  For Vapolution 3, this is not an issue as the heater sleeve is replaceable by the end user.  

Q: Can I attach a waterpipe to the Vapolution Vaporizer?

Yes. Vapolution 3 has a Hydrotube option that creates an all glass vapor path with water filtration.  For Vapolution 2, you can use the Hydrotube with one of our whip connector attachment or place the mouth end of the tubing into your favorite waterpipe. 

Q: What kind of herbs can be used?

Lavender, hops, eucalyptus, chamomile, lemon balm, sage, thyme, tobacco, and more. Consult an aromatherapy website for more details.

Q: How do I clean my vaporizer?

Cleaning is done with isopropyl rubbing alcohol and q tips when the unit is off and had at least 20 minutes to cool.

Q: What is a glass on glass vaporizer?

A glass on glass vaporizer has no metal screens, never exposes hot air to metal surfaces, and heats the air that causes the vaporization with heated glass. Only Vapolution makes this glass on glass commitment.  Every other vaporizer on the market today contains hot metal or ceramic in the vapor path.

Q: What is the heater?

The heater is handmade from quality glass, ceramic, and resistance wire.  The air path in our heater never expose the user to the hot metal and ceramic parts.  They are sealed away by a glass lining.  

Q: What is the temperature range?

Vapolution 3 has a temperature range for 212°F - 452°F (100°C - 233°C).  Proper vaporization temperatures of most plant materials are in the area of 365F. Remember that there is a thermal exchange between the glass and the air. The air heated by the glass extracts the useable oils at a fraction of the glass heater surface temperature.

Q: Can the unit be used on its side?

Yes. Vapolution 2 and 3 can be used in any orientation. The unit performs best in the upright position. With a properly packed bowl the plant material should never come out.

Q: Ground up herbs, Do they work?

Yes. They are just more difficult to pack. We understand that all dried plant material inevitably crumbles over time. Try adding just enough moisture to the plant material. This will allow for a small pellet to be rolled between your fingers that can then be loaded into the bowl.

Q: Only the bottom half of my herbs are getting heated and the top part is not?

This problem can occur because either one of two possible problems is occurring. Knowing how to use a Vapolution Vaporizer requires a little bit of practice and reading the instructions. Odds are, the plant material in the bowl has been overstuffed and insufficient airflow is causing a poor vape. Another possibility is that the washer placement, although adequately protecting the glass heater, has lifted the bowl too far away from the heaters hot pocket. The bowl needs to be about .25 inch from the bottom of the glass heater.

Q: Do you have a battery pack?

The Vapolution 2 is a portable vaporizer. Every vaporizer we sell includes a car adapter. A 2 hour battery pack and charger is also available as an accessory for Vapolution 2.

Q: How long can I leave the unit on for?

Vapolution 3 can be left on indefinitely.  It has a sleep timer that will prevent the unit from overheating from being left on too long.  Vapolution 2 can be turned on for 8 hours. Like any device that heats up and dissipates power it should not be left on unattended. The Vapolution Vaporizer design allows it to operate for longer if the unit is accidentally left on.

Q: When plugged into the wall, do you know how many watts of power it uses?

Vapolution 3 draws approximately 55W of power on its highest setting.  Vapolution 2 draws approximately 12W of power on its highest setting.

Q: When plugged into the car adapter, do you know how many amps of current it draws from the car?

Vapolution 3 draws approximately 5A when plugged into the wall or the car.  Vapolution 2 draws approximately 1A when plugged into the wall or the car.

Q: Do herbal vaporizers work? I've never seen one before and don't quite get it.

Functionality depends on the vaporizer manufacturer and ISN'T directly correlated to price. Our vaporizers works as advertised.

Q: Do I have to fill the bowl up all the way?

No. We often recommend to novice users loading the large bowl half way to allow for superior airflow.

Q: Will there be upgrades to the vaporizer in the near future?

Yes and Always. The name Vapolution was chosen for our company because we are committed to the evolution of the vaporizer. We stand by our customer base and will always offer the best prices to Vapolution patrons.

Q: Are the vaporizer oils that collect in the bowls usable?

Yes, you betcha. Call or email us for information on how to utilize these potent oils.

Q: What keeps the material from falling out of the bowl?

Dry plant material is very light. With a small amount of compression, the plant pod will expand to touch the glass and be held in place by the force of friction. The material will expand slightly as it is heated and this will aid the friction to keep it in place. With extremely dry material that has crumbled, a slow steady inhale will keep the herbs in place.

Q: How much does the unit weigh?

Both Vapolution 2 and 3 are extremely light and weighs in at around 12oz.

Q: Does the kit come everything I need to start vaporizing?

Of course! We want to keep our customers happy and vaporizing and they would be neither if they received boxes that required more parts.

Q: Does this cut down the smell when you vaporize as opposed to smoking?

Yes. Some companies advertise that they have an odorless and smokeless vaporizer. Smell and the oils that are desirable are interlocked. That is why when the vaporized plant material is spent, it well smell like burnt popcorn when rubbed between ones fingers. The odor is much different than the odor of smoke. It isn't as pungent and will not stick around for nearly as long. Vapor is visible when exhaled, but won't stay around for the same duration smoke will.

Q: Where can I find an unbiased vaporizer review of your product?

Online forums are excellent sources of unbiased information pertaining to vaporizers. Be cautious when reading information on the internet. Not everything you read is true. There are fake vaporizer review websites on the internet that are put together by other vaporizer manufacturers in an effort to make their product look good and spread lies about all others. If the site has no contact information, this should be a red flag.

Q: Do I need a grinder?

No. Most people would think that a grinder is a vaporizer accessory. A grinder will make the loading of the bowl on the Vapolution Vaporizer more difficult and is not recommended. The non-spherical properties of plant pods allow for proper airflow and save you annoying grinding time. Other vaporizers require you to grind your herbs, but this is an unnecessary step with the Vapolution Vaporizer.

Q: What exactly are the advantages of a Glass on Glass vaporizer as opposed to a Glass on Metal Vaporizer?

Glass is a hypoallergenic material and outgases zero toxins when heated. Depending upon the quality, type, and heat of metal, different toxins are emitted.

Q: How do I know when my vapor load is done?

The vapor load is done when the plant material changes in color to a golden / dark brown. The taste will change to a flavor similar to burnt popcorn. Practice makes perfect.

Q: Can you leave the bowl in the unit when you are not inhaling?

Yes and No. When the fresh bowl is loaded, it is recommended to place it in the unit and let it preheat for 5-10 seconds. Leaving the bowl in the unit when you are not inhaling should only be done for short periods of time. Otherwise, the plant material will continue to vaporize due to radiant heat.

Q: Can the unit be picked up during heating, or is it too hot to touch?

Yes, Vapolution Vaporizerst can be picked up when the vaporizer is "ON". Vaporizer designs often neglect to correctly prioritize safety. Some units, even those that claim to be the best vaporizer, have hot exposed surfaces and should never be moved when operating.  Vapolution Vaporizers have no hot exposed surfaces.

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