Vapolution 2 Infusion Package

Vapolution 2 Infusion Package

The Vapolution 2.0 Infusion Package includes everything you need to infuse your herbs while you are vaporizing. The Infusion Bowl included with this package will allow you to store some of your herbs in the vapor path so that they infuse with the oils and flavors of the herbs you are vaporizing. With the Infusion Bowl, your vapor will have the best flavor hands down! We offer many optional parts that are not included in this package. See our parts page for all the available options.

This Infusion Package Includes:
- 1 Vapolution 2.0 Glass on Glass Vaporizer
- 1 12VDC Power Supply
- 1 Car Adapter
- 2 Glass Bowls (1 Medium & 1 Large.)
- 2 Retaining Washers
- 2 Medical Grade 3 Foot Long Whips
- 1 Vapolution Infuser
- 1 Whip Connector for the Infuser
- 1 Colored Mouthpiece for the Infuser

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