Vapolution 2 Purity Package

Vapolution 2 Purity Package

The Vapolution 2.0 Purity Package is for the glass on glass purist. This complete vaporizing solution includes an All-In-Wonder Bowl in lieu of the 2 whips and 2 Straight bowls that come with the Standard Package. The All-In-Wonder Bowl paired with the Vapolution makes the entire vapor path glass on glass. We offer many optional parts that are not included in this package. See our parts page for all the available options.

This Purity Package Includes:
- 1 Vapolution 2.0 Glass on Glass Vaporizer
- 1 12VDC Power Supply
- 1 Car Adapter
- 1 All-In-Wonder Bowl (5 Color Choices)

The Vapolution 2.0 User Guide can be downloaded here.

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