Vapolution 2 Straight Bowl

Vapolution 2 Straight Bowl
The Vapolution Vaporizer Straight Bowl is the standard bowl that comes with every Vapolution 2. It is available in 2 sizes. Medium (8mm) and Large (9mm). Each bowl comes with a retaining washer. The more you order, the more you save. Cleaning one or cleaning 10 takes the same amount of time. Stock up and save time too.  Vapolution 2 Straight Bowls are made from borosilicate glass. 

The Vapolution Vaporizer Medium Straight Bowl is the most efficient bowl we sell. Users often find this to be the preferable size. The Medium Bowl has an 8mm outer diameter. 

 The Vapolution Vaporizer Large Straight Bowl holds 1.5x the amount of material the medium. It is the easiest to load and the easiest to draw through. Sit back and get comfortable, users are often fascinated by the length of time a large bowl can last (upwards of 3 minutes). The Large Bowl has a 9mm outer diameter.
Buy 1-4:$5.00 Each
Buy 5-9:$4.00 Each
Buy 10+:$3.00 Each
Stock Info: Out Of Stock

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