Vapolution 3 Infuser Package

Vapolution 3 Infuser Package

The Vapolution Vaporizer 3 Infuser Package includes our Vapolution 3 Infuser and Hydro / Infuser Dry Herb Bowl or Dab Bowl.  The Vapolution 3 Infuser is an oil collector / storage chamber for your plant material. Fill it up with about 2gr and vape 30 - 100+ loads through it. Take the oily plant material out and load it in the Vapolution 3. The infusion of oils will make your plant material taste even better and you will get even more hits.

This Infuser Package Includes:
- 1 Vapolution 3 Glass on Glass Vaporizer
- 1 12VDC Power Supply
- 1 Car Adapter
- 1 Medical Grade 3 Foot Long Whip 
- 1 Bent Bowl
- 1 Vapolution 3 Infuser which comes with the following:
1 - Dry Herb or Dab Bowl (Your Choice)
1 - Double Female Infusion Chamber
1 - Mouthpiece with Ground Joint or Whip Connector (Your Choice)
2 - Keck Clips

Download the VAP3 User Guide here

Download the VAP3 Infuser Guide here

Download the VAP3 Dab Guide here

Retail: $324.99
On Sale: $184.99
You Save: 44%
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