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Purple cannabis: What is it and how to grow it?




We all know that the marijuana plant is usually blue right? haha

I mean green of course unless you smoked too much of it lol…

But whether you believe it or not, the Cannabis plant can also grow purple. Even I didn’t know about purple cannabis a few years ago, but today with the rise in popularity and legalization of Marijuana we all start to see purple Marijuana plants pop up everywhere.

So what is the hyp all about when it comes to purple cannabis?

Well, not only the color of the purple buds looks cool, but they also have very high levels of THC in them, which means the effect is stronger than if you smoke or vape ‘regular’ gree marijuana.

Here’s everything you need to know about the awesome purple cannabis buds.

purple cannabis plants

Why Are Some Marijuana Buds Purple?

Most marijuana leaves and buds are green, so why exactly are some purple in color?

The reason is that cannabis buds can change color depending in what type of conditions they are grown. Most of the time the color will turn to Purple when the plant is grown outside and exposed to colder temperatures.

If you are wondering if it’s better to grow marijuana inside of outside, check out this article on The Weed Blog.

For all of you geeks out there that really want to know more details, there is a pigment in the plant called anthocyanin, and it’s that pigment that is responsible for the color change from green to purple. Green plants have more chlorophyll pigment in them, but when exposed to colder temperatures anthocyanin takes over the chlorophyll and that’s why the color changes. When the chlorophyll dies, we can then see the color of the anthocyanin.

Pretty cool eh?

But it’s even more complicated than this.

Depending on the PH level of the anthocyanin, the color can not only change to purple but also to red or blue. It’s only when the PH is neutral that the plant becomes purple.

purple marijuana plants

How to Grow Purple Cannabis?

Whether you want to grow purple cannabis plants to show them off to your friends, or if you are interested in them because of their high THC levels, growing these types of plants all starts with buying the right seeds. There are also other types of non-purple cannabis that also have a high THC level like the girl scout cookies autoflower.

I know there are tons of articles online about how to make the weed purple by putting food coloring in the soil… Honestly, I never met anyone who did that successfully in real life and these plants would not have the high THC levels that we are looking for here.

The seeds need to contain high levels of anthocyanin (the same pigment that blueberries have, hence their purple color).

The most important thing for your plant to be able to become purple is warm days and cool nights. The ideal difference in temperature between the daytime and the night time should be around 30 degrees. During the flowering period, the temperature at night should be about 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

If everything is done correctly, the marijuana buds will turn purple about 2 weeks before the harvest.

Marijuana buds will slowly turn purple about 15 days before the harvest.

Useful Tips to Know

I know it’s easier to control when you grow your cannabis plants indoors in a controlled environment, but it’s also more expensive. Purple plants can be grown outdoors if you are on a budget, but please note that they are more fragile and require more care than green plants.

Ask your local dealer about which soil they recommend especially for growing purple buds, and check with them which fertilizers are the best too as you might have to use different fertilizers than the one you are currently using for your regular cannabis plants. If your local dealer can’t help find a purple flower, try GrassDoor Cannabis Delivery services. They might have the right purple flower in stock.

I hope you found this article useful, thanks for reading, and have a nice day!

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