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Tea Time Vaporizer e-Liquid review




Hi there! Today I want to share an awesome product review that Zophie did recently. She did a video on Youtube about it so I am sharing it with you in a text version, for you geeks who prefer to read haha. Check out her Youtube Channel at this link.

Tea Time Vaporizer e-Liquid review

“Damn. Sometimes I just have to stop what I’m doing, and change the plan. Today I was going to do a product review. But I found this fantastic new vaporizer e-liquid called ‘Tea Time’ and I wanted to smoke it and share my experience with you.

2 Tea Time e-juice flavors to choose from:

It only comes currently in these 2 e-juice flavors: cherry vanilla and blueberry peppermint. The cool thing about this stuff and that it has absolutely no sweeteners. This is great because, personally, I don’t like to vape with liquids that have too many sweeteners in it, just because I can’t vape and smoke them all day long, it kind of gets too sweet and makes me feel sick.

So unless you only like to vape for 5 minutes per day, you will want to choose some flavors that are not too sweet.

That’s when this Tea Time brand comes in and creates 2 awesome e-liquid flavors that I can actually vape all day long without getting too much of that ‘yucky’ feeling I get from other brands of vaporizing liquids.

Is Tea-Time vaping e-Liquid tasty?

Yes. Honestly, it’s absolutely delicious. I tried literally over 200 flavors of vaping eLiquids and these 2 are actually in my top 10 best flavors of all times.

By the way, I am not getting paid by Tea Time to write this article, I just genuinely like it and wanted to share this awesome product with you so you go check it out.

I think they have an online shop where you can buy it instead of going to the mall, especially now that many states want to make vaping illegal for some reason?

My experience with Tea Time vaping e-Juices:

It’s delicious. It’s so smooth. The flavors are nicely blended. The peppermint is predominant, but you also feel the blueberry in there. It leaves your mouth tasting like you just drank real peppermint-blueberry tea.

I like both flavors so it’s hard for me to tell you exactly which one I like the most, but if I would have to choose one of them I would pick the cherry-vanilla flavor.

So this flavor, I’m going to be vaping it with my favorite mod called the Apocalypse by Armageddon. After I finish telling you guys about this cherry flavor, I want to show you my new cotton mod which is great too.

You can definitely taste the cherry, and it doesn’t taste like other artificial, yucky cherry-flavored liquids, it actually tastes like real cherry. It blows my mind how they can make this liquid taste sweet, without adding any sweetener in it! It’s black magic!

And the sugar is what clogs up your coil, so it’s annoying in the long term as it can damage your vaporizer. So this Tea Time liquid can offer you the same great taste but without clogging up your vaporizer or damaging it in the long term.

The Verdict:

Yep. I love it. I don’t know how Tea Time does it, but it blows my mind how this can actually taste like real tea. and I love tea, I drink tea all the time. So now not only I can drink tea, but I can also vape it! So exciting.

Try it out and let me know if you like it in the comments below.





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