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About Us

Our company was founded in 2000 by two engineers that shared a vision for a healthier way to enjoy their herb. As a result, Vapolution was created, providing "smokers" with a ultra clean vaping experience. Vapolution's popularity quickly spread across the globe as people started to develop a desire to taste the true flavor of their favorite herbs. Vapolution's all glass on glass heater and bowl technology has made it the number one choice for medical marijuana users. With no metal, plastic, ceramic off gassing, the result is pure vapor.

Company Address

Vapolution INC is located at the following address:

Vapolution INC
1692 Mangrove Ave
Chico, California 95926
United States

Company Contact Information

Vapolution INC can be contacted via telephone at 1.530.894.8148, or via email by clicking the link below:

Kryptronic Internet Software Solutions